Spring is Here!

While the month of March is over, we all can celebrate the fact spring is here and the hot weather is just around the corner. Even though today marks the beginning of April, I want to share some of the great articles we published in the March issue of Today’s Dietitian.

If you want to jazz up your breakfasts and make them more healthful, read “Best Breakfasts from Around the World.” This article talks about all of the delicious breakfasts people eat in China, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Turkey, Israel, and Venezuela. You’d be surprised what they eat and how much it differs from what we eat here in America for that all-important morning meal.

Have a desire to learn how you can eat more healthfully as an African American? Check out “Obtaining Health Through Heritage.” This article discusses the African Heritage Diet Pyramid, which features the delicious foods rooted in African traditions that can prevent heart disease, diabetes, and stroke that plagues the black community. The article provides recipes for a Brazilian fish stew, West African peanut soup, Grilled red snapper, and more.

Other articles that might be interesting include a recipe for Brussels sprouts. I know, most people hate them, but this recipe gives them a complete makeover that’s quite tasty. And for those of you who believe that eating healthfully is too expensive, read “Eat Healthfully on a Budget.”

The April issue comes out at the end of this week. If you’re a fan of the summer Olympics, which will be held in London this year beginning in July, we have a story just for you. Until then, take care. See you around in cyberspace.


Chocolate Lovers’ Month

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. I’ve been extremely busy developing story ideas, assigning articles, speaking with freelance writers, editing copy, gathering news, and choosing photos for Today’s Dietitian.

The February issue is hot off the presses. Click here to view the digital issue. Did you know that chocolate, specifically dark chocolate is good for your heart? That’s right. When eaten in moderation, dark chocolate can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Now don’t go running out to the store and buy a bunch of candy bars. The chocolate has to be dark and unfortunately bitter. In fact, the darker and more bitter it is, the more healthier it is for your heart. Milk chocolate just doesn’t contain the heart-healthy antioxidants like its dark cousin. Read all about how dark chocolate can improve your health here.

If you have high blood pressure, read about the natural supplements you can take to help lower it here, and how cooking with healthful fats such as extra virgin olive oil also can lower heart disease risk here.

I’m so proud of this issue. It seems as though each issue I work on gets better and better. I owe it all first to God and the people with whom I work: the advisory board, the freelance writers, and the talented art staff. Without them, I couldn’t do the job I’m doing. Thanks everyone. I hope you enjoy the March, April, and upcoming May issues. Speak with you soon.


Highlights From San Diego!

Just wanted to let you know how much of a great time I had in San Diego. I went to the American Dietetic Association’s Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo at the San Diego Convention Center. We call the conference FNCE (pronounced Fencee) for short. FNCE is the largest annual nutrition conference in the country.

The convention center was huge. I heard almost 7,000 nutrition professionals attended the conference from around the country. Large, medium, and small food manufacturers set up gorgeous booths to showcase their products, and offer food and snack samples to passersby. Some of the food was delish; some not so tasty. 

At my booth, I met many of the readers of Today’s Dietitian, the freelance writers I work with, and I greeted many registered dietitians who expressed interest in writing for the publication. I discussed the magazine and various article ideas I plan to pursue in the near future. The workshops I attended were informative. I learned a great deal about the nutrition profession, the growing trends, hot topics, and the thorny issues dietitians face. Read full post …

Flying to San Diego

Hello Everyone!

This coming Saturday, I’ll be flying to San Diego to attend the annual American Dietetic Association’s Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, also known as FNCE (pronounced Fencee). It’s the largest food and nutrition show in the country where about 10,000 nutrition professionals convene to learn about the latest trends in their field, which will help them build their businesses, counsel clients, accrue education credits, and more!

It’s going to be exciting. I’ll be attending workshops and manning our booth on the trade show floor where I’ll be meeting and greeting hundreds of Today’s Dietitian’s readers. I’m looking forward to it because I’ll get to learn a great deal about the nutrition profession, meet interesting people, and get numerous story ideas I can develop into articles for the magazine, which will last for months. The digital version of TD’s October issue is now online here. The print version will be coming out on Thursday of this week.

I’ll also get to dine in one of San Diego’s finest restaurants called Jsix Restaurant & Lounge, which we wrote about in our San Diego dining guide here.  I’ll be taking pictures, so I’ll tell you all about my trip and post the photos when I return. Take care!

Hot Off the Presses!

Today is the official day I made my debut as the Editor of Today’s Dietitian. The September 2011 issue is hot off the presses! I’m so excited!

The September issue (left) is one of the largest issues of the year. The October issue is supposed to be just as large if not larger. I’ve just completed the first round of edits for the October issue, and I’m gearing up to begin editing the November issue and assigning the December issue next week.

I’ve been super busy since starting my new job six weeks ago as Editor of this publication. Not only have I edited and assigned 1-1/2 issues already, but I’ve assigned, written news, and edited online exclusive features as well — and traveled to Las Vegas. It’s been a whirlwind, but a very rewarding experience. And I’m just getting started. The good thing is that you can view the online digital version of the magazine right here, and see how gorgeous the publication is. My Editor’s note with my photo is on page 4. 🙂

Today’s Dietitian also has an e-newsletter you can view here. It’s chock full of news not published in the print publication; it has an exclusive feature article; and a different editor’s note from me! So please take a gander at the publication and e-newsletter when you have a moment and let me know what you think. I welcome your feedback. Enjoy the issue!

Highlights from Vegas!

Wow what a time I had in Las Vegas!

The food, the trade show, and the workshops at the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) annual meeting were fantastic. I really learned a great deal about diabetes prevention, treatment, and management from the registered dietitian’s and certified diabetes educator’s perspective.

Because I was so busy attending workshops and manning our booth on the trade show floor, I didn’t get a chance to walk around Vegas and see the sites. It was very sunny and 105 degrees during the day, so it’s just as well I didn’t venture out. I would have baked — or roasted out there. The good news is that I didn’t neglect to take some photos. (For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a diehard photo enthusiast and wannabe professional photographer.) I took the photo above at the crack of dawn the other morning from my Read full post …

Heading to Vegas!

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update on my new job. Not to brag, but just to let you know how everything is going. The job is going very well. I’m working hard to bring myself up to speed. I have much to learn, and I’m excited about it.

Early Tuesday morning I head out to Las Vegas to the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) Annual Meeting and Exhibition, where I’ll be attending workshops, meeting and greeting the readers of Today’s Dietitian and learning all I can about the role nutrition professionals play in the treatment and management of diabetes. I’ll be staying at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. Heard it’s really nice.

Tell me about your experiences in Las Vegas, whether business or pleasure. I’d be interested in hearing about them. When I return home later this week, I’ll let you know how my trip was. Until then, keep networking!



Word of Thanks to All

Just recently a miracle happened!

I was offered a leading Editor position at a business-to-business healthcare publisher of print and online magazines. For those of you who know me, you know I’ve been searching for a new job for almost two years. The journey was painstaking at times, but along the way I learned much about the changing landscape of magazine publishing and reconnected with many of you, my former colleagues from years past. I also met new colleagues who encouraged me.

I want to thank you all for lending a hand in my job search, which has led to an awesome opportunity. In my role as Editor, I will be considered the face of a leading healthcare magazine, responsible for developing story ideas, assigning articles to junior staff and freelance writers, Read full post …