1cbdabe“Judy is a talented writer and editor who helped produce a diverse portfolio of publications for medical professionals. She has a strong commitment to quality and an admirable work ethic. Would I hire her again? In a New York minute!” — Virginia Pickles, Former Director of Special Projects, VisionCare Group, Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.



“I met Judy at a CBS Networking event in New York, and then I did some social media consulting with her over the phone. She has an extensive background not only as a print journalist, but in working with Judy I found out that she is talented in multimedia as well. She has produced blogs, online slideshows and interactive features all on her own time — driven soley by her passion for photography. Judy’s multimedia skills are solid and would be an asset to any media organization.” — Markette Smith, Multimedia Broadcast Journalist, Founder of Eagle Rock Interactive, and Cofounder of DC on Heels.


2b153d5“Judy exemplifies the very essence of editorial excellence. She is one of the best at what she does — writing and editing. When Judy edits an article, she doesn’t just read it and make minor corrections. She immerses herself in the content to ensure factual accuracy while elevating the prose to improve readability and audience understanding.” — Angela Jackson, Editorial Manager of Special Projects, VisionCare Group, Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.


170fc26“What a joy Judy was to work with! Always upbeat, conscientious about delivery, thorough in her research, and she responded instantly (and positively) to recommendations for improvements. Terrific writer (and great person).” — Ed Claflin, Senior Managing Editor, Prevention Health Books.



lisa1.1“In a word, Judith Riddle is a professional. She’s an exceptional writer/editor, who not only exhibits a thorough knowledge of her subject matter, but strives for comprehensive, comprehendible and well-written editorial pieces. Her dedication to producing the very best product, no matter how big or small the assignment, is admirable and shows in everything she does.” — Lisa Saxton, Communications Manager, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.


0f6a853“Judy is that always-digging and always wanting-more reporter, editor and publishing professional. She always goes to dig deeper to take the idea, article, concept, project or whatever to the next level. Judith has a great attitude and both the desire and willingness to learn as well as to share. Great hire.” — Marc Millstein, former Editor, Supermarket News, WWD, DNR, HFN, Fairchild Publications, Inc.


p20_08“Judy was an enterprising and creative reporter who was always looking for the next trend, understand its implications and able to translate how it would likely manifest itself in the marketplace. These were all critical attributes for the style of reporting we pursued and our readers relied upon. All that and a tremendously professional and positive attitude.” — Patrick Geoghegan, former Senior Editor, Fairchild Publications, Inc.