Chocolate Lovers’ Month

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. I’ve been extremely busy developing story ideas, assigning articles, speaking with freelance writers, editing copy, gathering news, and choosing photos for Today’s Dietitian.

The February issue is hot off the presses. Click here to view the digital issue. Did you know that chocolate, specifically dark chocolate is good for your heart? That’s right. When eaten in moderation, dark chocolate can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Now don’t go running out to the store and buy a bunch of candy bars. The chocolate has to be dark and unfortunately bitter. In fact, the darker and more bitter it is, the more healthier it is for your heart. Milk chocolate just doesn’t contain the heart-healthy antioxidants like its dark cousin. Read all about how dark chocolate can improve your health here.

If you have high blood pressure, read about the natural supplements you can take to help lower it here, and how cooking with healthful fats such as extra virgin olive oil also can lower heart disease risk here.

I’m so proud of this issue. It seems as though each issue I work on gets better and better. I owe it all first to God and the people with whom I work: the advisory board, the freelance writers, and the talented art staff. Without them, I couldn’t do the job I’m doing. Thanks everyone. I hope you enjoy the March, April, and upcoming May issues. Speak with you soon.