Word of Thanks to All

Just recently a miracle happened!

I was offered a leading Editor position at a business-to-business healthcare publisher of print and online magazines. For those of you who know me, you know I’ve been searching for a new job for almost two years. The journey was painstaking at times, but along the way I learned much about the changing landscape of magazine publishing and reconnected with many of you, my former colleagues from years past. I also met new colleagues who encouraged me.

I want to thank you all for lending a hand in my job search, which has led to an awesome opportunity. In my role as Editor, I will be considered the face of a leading healthcare magazine, responsible for developing story ideas, assigning articles to junior staff and freelance writers, helping to create design concepts with graphic artists, communicating with readers on Facebook and Twitter, as well as editing and writing online content — everything I want to be doing in magazine publishing.

First, I wish to thank my dear friends Sonia Dozier and Pam Rodgers. Thanks Pam for suggesting I join Linkedin and begin networking. Thank you Sonia and Pam for all of your prayers and encouragement. Thanks Keith Dozier for speaking with me about the role medical writers play in the pharmaceutical industry.

Thank you so much Ginny Pickles, Angela Jackson, Markette Smith, Lisa Saxton, Marc Millstein, and Patrick Geoghegan for writing such wonderful recommendations on my Linkedin page.

“I want to thank you all for lending a hand in my job search, which has led to an awesome opportunity.”

I especially want to thank Pat Geoghegan for always being there for me to serve as a reference ever since we worked together at Supermarket News 20+ years ago. Thank you Ginny for being such a great editorial director and for your listening ear during those times I felt so discouraged about my job search.

Thank you Markette and Tracy Tesfaye for your resume writing advice. It was priceless. I truly appreciate it.

Thanks Mark Durrick for encouraging me and putting me in touch with your colleague in HR. He actually called me recently to discuss the Medical Writer position. It turned out not to be a good fit, but I welcomed his feedback. Thank you Jen Kirby for listening to my job search woes one evening on the phone and encouraging me to keep my chin up and keep on keepin’ on.

Thanks Walter Bethke for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me on the phone and encourage me when I was considering applying for the Senior Editor position at Jobson where we worked together at Review of Ophthalmology eight years ago.

Thank you Linda Baer for being such a great mentor at the Alliance for CME conference back in January and for putting me in touch with Christopher Perez. Thanks Christopher for taking the time to speak with me at length on the phone during our first meeting and giving me such great advice in the weeks following our introduction during my job search.

Thank you Greselda Butler and Debra Gordon for connecting with me on Linkedin and keeping your ears open just in case you heard about any job openings that interested me. Thanks Howard Whitman for also connecting with me on Linkedin and for speaking with me about the Managing Editor position at North American Publishing Company. It was great working with you at Progressive Business Publications.

Thank you Rachel Renshaw for recommending me at Bryn Mawr Communications and for sending my resume to Lindsey Wells at The Bachrach Group. That was such a pleasant surprise. And thanks Lindsey for believing that I was capable of stepping into a high-level editorial position.

Each one of you played a role in my successful job search. If I can serve as a reference for any one of you, please let me know. I truly appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart.


19 thoughts on “Word of Thanks to All

  1. Judy, this is one of the nicest gestures of public gratitude that I’ve experienced in all of my years in business. I’m proud to have met you during your quest, and to have helped you in whatever minuscule way I did. It would appear that you have been surrounded, encouraged, and embraced by many friends and colleagues during your search. It says a lot about you that you have attracted that sort of network.

    I can only take exception with one thing in your post, and that is the lead sentence. As far as I’m concerned, it is no miracle that some savvy employer saw your value and snapped you up.

    Best wishes and continued success to you in your new adventure! I genuinely hope that we can continue to stay in touch.



    • Thanks so much Chris. I welcome the opportunity to stay in touch. I’m thankful you were part of my journey to find my dream job! Take care.



  2. Thanks so much, Judy, for including me. I’m so thrilled for you. .and so impressed with the excellent networking you did to get the new job. Let me know where you’re going and please stay in touch (particularly if you hire freelancers! 🙂


    • Hi Deb,

      Thanks for commenting! I am going to Great Valley Publishing Company, publisher of healthcare magazines for professionals. They do hire freelancers. I’ll be the Editor of the company’s dietitian magazine targeted to registered dietitians. So we’ll need stories on diet, nutrition, weightloss, fitness, etc. The topics we wrote about while we were at Rodale, only this is written to a professional audience.

      On another note, I passed your name and contact information onto Karen Overstreet, executive director, Lippincott CME Institute. I told her you would be a great freelance medical writer if she needed anyone to pitch in to write needs assessments, do research, etc., since I am leaving the company. She was happy to receive your info. Well, talk to you soon. I’ll keep in touch.



  3. That is so nice. Thank you Judy, you are truly a special person! Journalism needs more people like you in the business. Kudos to getting your online portfolio done!


  4. Hi, Judy…Wow! This is a wonderful website! This certainly is how things are done in this day and age. What a nice example for the rest of us to follow. It was my pleasure to support you and wish you all the very best!


    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks so much! I really worked hard on this site. I haven’t forgotten to write your recommendation. As you can see I’ve been very busy. Hopefully, I can write one for you this week or by next weekend. Take care.



  5. Judy,
    Congratulations to you on your awesome blessing, and praises be to our God. Yours is a wonderful testimony of how persistence in the faith pays off. At times when we are walking by faith, we may have more questions than answers along the way, but faith keeps us pressing forward, and in due season God rewards us. May your new role be all that you expect it to be and exceedingly beyond that.



    • Thanks so much Frank!

      You are so right. Walking in faith and waiting on God to answer prayer is very difficult at times But He’s proven to me once again that He’s faithful to His promises. Perseverance is definitely a teacher. Thanks again for your encouraging words.



  6. Congratulations, Judy! It seems inevitable that you would find yourself in this position. Timing and preparedness = opportunity and clearly you were well-prepared and the timing was right. I wish you continued success and professional fulfillment in your new role.



  7. Judy,
    You’re website is AWESOME! Congratulations on your new position! The scripture “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” – Galatians 6:9 reminds me of your journey. It’s been inspiring to watch you move from the initial stage of your career search, walking by faith, to the blessing of moving into your dream. Although you walked by faith, you continued to add works (updating your resume, networking, interviewing, praying, seeking God, etc.) to your faith. I’m glad you didn’t give up during the difficult times. As a result, you now see the fruit of your labor. I’m excited for you and I will continue to pray that God will bless you in your new position with supernatural favor, God’s divine wisdom, and abundant blessings.



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